Hello World! (or...blogging world)

Well, since this is my first post and many of you do not know me....scratch that.... none of you know me.... I am going to do a vague introduction.... meaning.... I am going to change some itsy bits of information about my life to help protect who I really am! Ha!

So, as you can tell by my 'name', I am a mother. But, what you cannot tell from my 'name', is that I am also married. I have a very boring life.... no honestly.... i do. I am a college student as well, but I had to take the semester off due to an injury... so, here I am going to spend my free time venting, ranting and raving to a bunch of strangers.

Now, all of you grammar-nazi's out there, don't go correcting my every mistake. This isn't english class and I am not doing this for a grade... so, yea... back off!!! "How bow dah?" <--- 'can't stand that loud mouth kid'

ANYWAYS... since I got sidetracked, let me continue. Instead of trying to write in sentences... I am just going to do a little 'Q&A' type thing to make this a little bit easier... so... here goes.


Name: How about we just call myself, KJ..... ok?
Age: I am in my mid to late-twenties
Occupation: Have you not been reading? Fine.... I am a Student... and a mother.
Strengths: I am very loyal...and can be a good ear. But, I do suck at comforting people. I always feel awkward in those types of situations... but I will still try.
Weaknesses: I wear my heart on my sleeve. I trust too easily and care too much... except on here. I am going to put my I.D.G.A.F. panties on and post what's on my mind.
Loves: My kid....duh... I guess you can say my husband too... family is very important to me and so are animals...lol.
Hates: Child abusers/molesters, animal abusers/molesters, people who think their 'ish don't 'stank', people who use too many slang words... and sooo much more that I am sure I will write about later
Boring Facts: I was born and raised in the south and I have a small country accent. I am double-jointed in my knuckles and fingers... maybe I will post a video of it later.

See... not much to know right now... but then again, it is late and my mind isn't at it's best...so maybe I will reveal a little bit more about myself later... for now, I'm going to bed. Goodnight, loves!



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